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Tent Meals

Trail Snacks

Choc and Nut Jumble

A mouth watering mix of juicy cranberries, chocolate coated raisins and peanuts, and crunchy Brazil bits.

NUTRITION per 100g: 510 kcal, 8.7g protein, 41.1g carbohydrates (of which 26.2g sugars), 35.0g fat (of which 10.1g saturates), 7.2g fibre, 0.04g salt. Ave 101g (so 515 kcal) per bag.


Mango Mingle

A refreshing and energising mix of jumbo raisins, sundried mango strips, and white chocolate chips

NUTRITION per 100g: 321 kcal, 2.8g protein, 75.7g carbohydrates (of which 64.1g sugars), 3.5g fat (of which 2.0g saturates), 4.2g fibre, 0.07g salt. Ave 82g (so 263 kcal) per bag.


Classic Combo - Vegan 

A tasty, healthy, classic trail mix of walnut chunks, juicy cranberries, and giant Chilean flame raisins

NUTRITION per 100g: 469 kcal, 7.7g protein, 48.7g carbohydrates (of which 25.3 sugars), 31.8g fat (of which 3.0g saturates), 5.7g fibre, 0.01g salt. Ave 90g (so 422 kcal) per bag.


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