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Where There's a Will by Emily Chappell (paperback)

In 2015 Emily Chappell embarked on a formidable new bike race: The Transcontinental. 4,000km across Europe, unassisted, in the shortest time possible.

On her first attempt she made it only halfway, waking up suddenly on her back in a field, floored by the physical and mental exertion.
A year later she entered the race again - and won.

Where There's a Will takes us into Emily Chappell's race, grinding up mountain passes and charging down the other side; snatching twenty minutes' sleep on the outskirts of a village before jumping back on the bike to surge ahead for another day; feeding in bursts and navigating on the go. We experience the crippling self-doubt of the ultra distance racer, the confusing intensity of winning and the desperation of losing a dear friend who understood all of this.

If you haven't heard Emily speak or read her work before we can highly recommend giving it a go. Emily is such a gifted storyteller, we're sure her words will inspire you!

Publisher: Profile Books Ltd
Number of pages: 304
Weight: 212 g
Dimensions: 198 x 128 x 22 mm
Edition: Main

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